Radboud Summerschool

How to Keep Healthcare Sustainable for Every Citizen

10 – 14 August 2015
Radboud Summer School, Nijmegen , The Netherlands

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The sustainability of healthcare is at the core of the policy agenda in many countries. The combination of aging populations, new expensive technologies, and stretched public budgets forces policymakers, purchasers and hospital administrators to seek solutions to bend-the-curve of the expenses for health care. Since out-of-pocket payments, limitations of the benefit basket and plain cost shaving are unpopular; increasing value without increasing costs is a popular solution.

What are the underlying mechanisms of the growing costs in healthcare? What are the options to stop this growth while still ensuring access and quality of care for every citizen? These are leading questions of this summer course on sustainable healthcare.

During this 5-day course we will take you on a journey that covers the sustainability of different health care systems. We will critically analyse the different policies that are implemented and thus create our own mental model of how to create sustainable healthcare.

During the course you will learn more about the basics of funding and paying for healthcare. We will look at the position of strategies of vested interests, the institutional configuration of health systems and how instruments such as cost-effective analysis work. We will also discuss normative issues in health such as solidarity and medical ethics. Finally, we will explore how politicians try to make policy out of all of these issues.

In this course, academics, policymaking and the practice of medicine come together as your lecturers are experts in the field of sustainable healthcare and how to bridge the gap between science, policymaking and medicine. The lecturers hold positions at different universities, in healthcare services, the Celsus academy for sustainable healthcare, and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Target group
Master’s students, post docs and professionals working in the field of healthcare.

Course leader
Dr. P.T. (Patrick) Jeurissen, Programme leader of Celsus, Academy for Sustainable Healthcare (IQ healthcare), Chief of Strategy Unit at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports

Course fee €550


10% discount for early bird applicants. The early bird deadline is 1 April 2015.
15% discount for students and PhD candidates from Radboud University and partner universities

Social programme
The Radboud Summer School is not just about learning new things, it’s also about meeting new people, doing new things Therefore, we organise a special social programme (free of charge) where participants from all corners of the world and from all different disciplines can meet and have a great time. Included are: a cruise down the river on the pancake boat, a barbecue, and a pub crawl in town

Deadline Application: 1 June 2015 (for this course)
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