Affordable and sustainable organization of healthcare providers

Contact: Erik Wackers
Duration of project:2018 - ....
Research team: Prof. dr. Patrick Jeurissen, prof. dr. Bart Berden, dr. Simone van Dulmen, dr. Niek Stadhouders
project description & research question(s):

The central focus of this PhD research is affordable and sustainable organization of healthcare providers. This theme is studied in several projects.

A literature study explores the preconditions of hospital strategies aimed at higher quality and lower costs. An evaluation of the hospital strategies of Bernhoven and Rivas Zorggroep in collaboration with the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Analysis (CPB) and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) is complementary to the literature study.

Interviews with stakeholders in both organizations provide insight in sustainable organization of hospitals. Finally, a quantitative study on collaboration between emergency departments and primary care physician cooperatives is conducted. Using claims data, organizational aspects of acute care delivery are examined.