Webinar | What lessons can we learn from the Dutch experience of market reforms in health care?

In January 2006, the Dutch embarked on market reforms of their health care system based upon the principles of regulated competition with more freedom of choice and risk-bearing health insurers with opportunities for free purchasing and liberalization of investments by institutions. This unique path of the Netherlands attracted a lot of interest worldwide, but how have market reforms across Europe shaped accessibility, costs, quality and solidarity? Are markets the answer? What are the challenges and opportunities for market reforms in health systems? What can we learn from the Dutch experience?

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The Financial Times | NHS at risk of taking longer to recover from pandemic than other health systems

Article with contribution of prof. dr. Patrick Jeurissen.

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For-profit hospitals have thrived because of generous public reimbursement schemes, not greater efficiency

Populatiebekostiging staat volop in de belangstelling, al is het niet iets nieuws. Het inschrijftarief voor de huisarts is bijvoorbeeld populatiebekostiging avant la lettre. De hernieuwde interesse heeft veel te maken met de behoefte aan meer preventie, aan minder fragmentering en aan meer samenwerking. Dit onderzoek laat zien dat populatiebekostiging de potentie heeft om de groei van zorguitgaven af te remmen. Het is echter ook weer niet hèt middel voor alle vraagstukken rondom betaalbaarheid, kwaliteit en toegang tot zorg. In die zin is dit onderzoek met zijn aanbevelingen te lezen als een aansporing voor meer populatiebekostiging.

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Resource reallocation strategies for global Oral health Improvement

Harvard School of Dental Medicine | The Office of Global and Community Health presents this oral health seminar series, titled, “Investing More, Investing Better: Resource Reallocation Strategies for Global Oral Health Improvement,” featuring Stefan Listl, MS, DDS, PhD, professor, Quality and Safety of Oral Health Care, Radboud University; director of section, Translational Health Economics, Heidelberg University. He talks about ‘Resource reallocation strategies for global Oral health Improvement’.

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Patrick Jeurissen visiting professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Patrick Jeurissen is appointed visiting professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science for the period 01 March 2021 to 01 March 2024. He will collaborate with LSE staff on research and teaching in the area of healthcare systems and their fiscal sustainability.

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